Good day Employment Recruiters!

Thank you for considering placing our smart, creative and dynamic students with your company. As you will soon discover, our San Francisco State University student body are educated and trained to be the leaders of tomorrow. Our university motto is Experientia Docet (Experience Teaches).

SF State is a major public urban university, situated in one of the world's great cities. Building on a century-long history of commitment to quality teaching and broad access to undergraduate and graduate education, the University offers comprehensive, rigorous, and integrated academic programs that require students to engage in open-minded inquiry and reflection. SF State encourages its students, faculty, and staff to engage fully with the community and develop and share knowledge.

Inspired by the diversity of our community that includes many first-generation college students, and the courage of an academic community that strives to break down traditional boundaries, SF State equips its students to meet the challenges of the 21st century. With the unwavering commitment to social justice that is central to the work of the university, SF State prepares its students to become productive, ethical, active citizens with a global perspective.

The Office of Career Services staff work closely in preparing our students through career development. We begin working with our student body as soon as they enter the university, other as first-year students or transfer students. We train our students on a variety of career development skills buildings including: interviewing, professional online branding, and online / face-to-face networking, and creating and developing their academic e-Portfolios. We provide a plethora of workshops to our students on a variety of career development topics including: resume / cover letter development, how to dress for success, communication skills building, developing social skills social settings, and getting the most out of online resources such as LinkedIn and other job development sites.

The Office of Career Services is here to assist you in every aspect of connecting you with our students from On-Campus Interviews (OCIs), to participating in our large-scale events such as our career fairs to more focused events such as themed-career fairs, occupation panels, and more.