Faculty & Staff Services

Posting On-campus Student Jobs

To meet EOE/AA guidelines, the University requires that you post your student employment opportunities for at least five (5) calendar days with our job listing partner GatorJOBS. This requirement applies to the following positions:

  • Work Study Program (through Financial Aid)
  • Student Assistant (non-work study)
  • Instructional Student Assistant
  • Teaching Associate
  • Graduate Assistant

If you already know how to post on-campus jobs, proceed to the GatorJOBS link, under "jobs" at left.

Instructions for Posting On-campus Jobs

  1. Click on the View / Post Jobs (GatorJOBS) link on the left side of any SF State Career Center Web page, or click here.
  2. Click the link under the Faculty and Staff heading. You will be taken to a GatorJOBS login page.
  3. Type your department’s five-digit, main extension (without spaces or hyphens) into the Username box.
  4. Type "student" (without quotation marks) into the Password box.
  5. Click the Login button at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to your department’s GatorJOBS Home page.
  6. Move your cursor over the View/Post Jobs item in the menu bar at the top of the GatorJOBS Web page.
    1. Click VIEW Job List on the drop down menu to view and update your department’s job listings in the GatorJOBS database.
    2. Click POST New Job on the drop down menu to create a new job listing.

Your posting will be viewable by students on the Posting Date you choose. It will be available to the students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, until it expires on the Expiration Date you choose. Call the Career Center at extension x8-1671for assistance posting your student employment job.


Career Center Presentations

If you would like to have us speak to your class or student organization on a career-related topic, please contact the Career Counselor who is the liaison to your college. With advance notice, we can also prepare a topic more relevant to your class. Additionally, we have experience locating pertinent guest speakers from companies, government agencies and organizations.

Career Events

The Career Center coordinates career events including career fairs, career symposia, on-campus interviewing, and a variety of career workshops on resume writing, interviewing and job-searching. Please encourage your students to participate in these career events. When appropriate, many faculty members include these events in their syllabi or award extra credit to students for participating.

  • To see a listing of Career Center events, click here.