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    HTIR International Student 

    HTIR is a private organization that refers international students to United States colleges and universities that offer paid internship employment to qualified Master degree students. These opportunities (sometimes known as co-op programs or curricular practical training (CPT) programs) allow international students to work while they are also attending classes, even beginning in the first year of their Master's studies.


    H1Visa Jobs (Americans Firms matched with International Professionals) 

    Contains thousands of American firms, all over the US, in all disciplines, known open, willing, needed to, and actually offered H-1B jobs to international professionals. Start your job search with focus today.


    IStudent City 

    At iStudentCity, we know that school is only the beginning. And so, in partnership with major national recruiting agencies, we now offer you a free career placement service specifically designed to meet the special needs of international students. We intend to place you with the best employer possible - preferably one who will sponsor you for an H1-B visa, and maybe even a Green Card. Best of all, it's free, unless you get placed, in which case, a minimal charges may apply.



    Employers who are looking to fill seasonal staffing needs hiring hard-working international students with a J1 Visa who speak English and are willing to work in the States.


    International Student Jobs

    Jobs listings by major, location in the world and other preferences.


    IAgora (work, study abroad, internships) 

    Work and study solutions in Europe for international students and young professionals. Other services and areas of interest include housing, living, application assistance and community placement.


    CoolWorks (seasonal work) 

    All the employers and jobs listed on our site are grouped by location (e.g. States, National Park) or by category (Ski Resorts, Lodges, Camps, and so on). Internships, Volunteer opportunities, and Teen jobs are also included.

The Career Center helps students and alumni in developing, evaluating, and/or implementing self-directed career, education, and employment decisions and plans.

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