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Career Services & Leadership Development’s (CSLD) mission is to equip our diverse student and alumni population with modern resources that assist, guide, and foster their leadership, professional and career advancement. Through advances in technology and with staff ready to go the extra mile, we provide students with tools to take initiative and excel in their future endeavors.



We are committed to educating SF State students and alumni through the use of personalized services, resources, and information technology, thereby empowering them to make purposeful academic and career-related decisions with a view to becoming talented professionals. We provide first-rate service in a welcoming, respectful environment. We value and serve a diverse population needing career-related information and experience. We proactively create and maintain partnerships with employers, and with the SF State campus community. We do this by engaging in outreach for the purpose of providing career-related information, programs, workshops, and events. We provide systematic assessment with a view to guiding and encouraging career-related decision- making rooted in ever increasing awareness of self and others.



Career Services & Leadership Development is committed to the following student learning outcomes Career Planning – students develop the ability to identify suitable career options and to create a suitable career plan based on the utilization of the counseling process, assessment tools, and other resources provided by Career Services & Leadership Development at SF State. Job Skills Writing – students develop the ability to write an effective resume, cover letters and CV’s. Interviewing – students develop skills in preparation for job interviews. Finding a Job – students develop the ability to identify and utilize various kinds of employment resources: career fairs, on-campus interviews, professional networking events, internships, and on-line job resources to effectively locate and apply for job opportunities. Gaining Work Experience – students will develop professional skills through internships, summer jobs, work-study programs and other employment opportunities. Social Media – students will develop their social media branding to effectively promote themselves and secure job placement.


Orlando Harris


Career Services & Leadership Development

Cori Miller

Associate Director

Career Services & Leadership Development

Ella Chichester

Operations Lead

Career Services & Leadership Development

Stephanie Homan

Career Counselor

Career Services & Leadership Development

Brandon Jacob

Career Counselor

Career Services & Leadership Development


Carlos Sanchez


College of Liberal and Creative Arts

Bhavesh Chowdhury

Computer Science

College of Science and Engineering

Josie Rivas

English, Creative Writing

College of Liberal and Creative Arts

Griselda Sanchez


College of Liberal and Creative Arts

Benjamin Safer

Psychology, MA

College of Science & Engineering

Paulina Jasso

Health Education

College of Health & Social Science

Joseph Adams

Ethnic Studies, MA

College of Ethnic Studies

Crystal Candalla

Visual Communication Design

College of Liberal &​ Creative Arts

Vito Tassinari

Visual Communication Design,

College of Liberal &​ Creative Arts

Aisha Davis

Education, MA

College of Education

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