Job Search

Job searching isn’t easy. National statistics report that it can take up to 6 months for new graduates to find a job. Review the resources below and schedule an appointment with a career counselor to help you along in the process.

Job Search Checklist

Make a list of the types of positions and organizations that interest you, and the skills needed for that type of work

Determine your preferred geographic location—try to narrow it down to no more than 3 places

Ask a minimum of three people (e.g., supervisors, professors) to serve as references

Update your resume and cover letter and have it critiqued by CSLD staff

Create or update your Handshakeaccount with relevant information and your resume

Search and apply for jobs online using various online searching tools

Develop a networking statement or elevator pitch—a concise description of your education and work background and your career goals for the near future

Network with 1) people you already know (friends, family, professors, etc.), and 2) SFSU alumni using LinkedIn

Attend CSLD Career Fairsto network with employers and identify job & internship opportunities

Prepare for interviews using Big Interview, and having your video mock interview critiqued by CSLD staff


Networking is building and maintaining professional relationships and it’sthe key to landing a great job in your field. Approximately 65-75% of jobs are filled through networking—it’s who you know.

Step-By-Step Networking

  • Include: friends, family, professors, classmates, SFSU alumni, teammates, current and past supervisors, co-workers, neighbors, and acquaintances
  • Add people to your networking list as you meet them or recommended by others
  • Include: education background, the type of positions you are seeking, and your unique skills and qualifications
  • Example: “I am a current SF State student majoring in nursing. I recently completed summer work at (name of hospital) where I scribed in the ER. I am interested in emergency medicine where I can use calm demeanor and problem-solving skills.”
  • Practice your networking statement often
  • Start with the people you already know and finish with those you don’t know
  • Use a version of your networking statement as an email introduction to those you don’t already know
  • Can you describe your current role and how you got here?
  • What is something you wish you knew about your career at my age?
  • What do you enjoy most about your role? What is most challenging?
  • Who do you know that you think I should connect with?
  • May I follow up with you? What is the best way to keep in touch?
  • Invest most in the people who invest the most in you
  • Organize your connections in a document or connect via LinkedIn
  • Write a brief thank you note to each person who spoke with you
  • Serve as a resource to those you have connected with
LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking site and a helpful tool for you to connect with SFSU alumni and professionals in your field. Start your account today to start making connections that could unlock productive relationships and opportunities.


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